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Studying in the 6th form is not just about getting qualifications; we want all of our students to leave with a raft of transferrable skills that will allow them to be well rounded, independent young people who are ready for world outside of school.

With this ethos, we actively promote a variety of enrichment opportunities for the students to access. Some of these are extra-curricular - activities that are not related to the curriculum, but build transferrable skills - and some are super-curricular - designed to enhance the academic prowess of the student.

Every week students and parents will receive a bulletin via email which is packed with opportunities for them to engage in. Subject staff will also direct students to activities that will prove beneficial to their academic development.

Below is just a sample of the opportunities that we offer our students throughout their time in the 6th form.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Super-Curricular Activities

By engaging in opportunities both inside and outside of school, we hope our students will become increasing confident and independent which, in turn, will allow them to make excellent decisions about their own futures.