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Welcome to Sixth Form

6th form application form (for Calderstones Year 11 students to complete)

6th form application form (For external applicants)


As things are constantly changing, we are having to re-evaluate our normal procedures on a daily basis. We are continuously discussing how the application process to 6th form will work in order to find the best solution for our students. 

Most Y11 students have not completed an application form in school and we will be sending an online version out shortly.  Once all of this information has been inputted, we will then make decisions as quickly as possible about each students’ suitability to the courses they’ve expressed an interest in. They will of course we able to change their minds in terms of the A-levels they’re looking at between now and September but our first job is to use the evidence and the information that we already have about students, to help us determine whether they will be able to take on the challenges of A-level courses.

You should expect to hear from us just after Easter with regard to this. This is much sooner than during a 'normal' school year, when students would only have clarity on 6th Form places post-results in August, and so it should give you some degree of comfort and security for the summer.

Please bear with us. Information, advice and guidance will be displayed on the school's website, in the 'preparing for your future' bulletin and distributed via email.

Thank you for your patience


As things are constantly changing, we are having to re-evaluate our normal procedures on a daily basis. We are continuously discussing how the application process to 6th form will work in order to find the best solution for all students. 

As you have completed an application form for Calderstones, this information is currently being processed.  We will need to know the grades you are given by your current school in order to offer you a place.  Once you have got your grades, get in touch and we can discuss what opportunities we can offer you for the next academic year. 

Best wishes and keep safe,

Mr Richards, Head of 6th form

Welcome to our vibrant and dynamic Sixth Form

You are about to make one of the most important decisions of your life so far and we hope the information on our website will help you decide which pathway best suits your future aspirations.

The Our Sixth Form at Calderstones is in some ways different from the rest of the school. Sixth Form students are based largely in Calder House where the facilities pastoral and academic support on offer from specialist staff is excellent. There is a sense of academic maturity, focus and personal independence about the ethos that emanates from this part of the school campus. However, the Sixth Form retains many of the characteristics of the main school that we are rightly so very proud of: a sense of diversity; an inclusive ethos; high challenge and expectations. Over in Calder House, students have access to a Sixth Form Library, a Resource Centre fully equipped with modern ICT facilities, specialist Sixth Form classrooms, and a team of tutors who, alongside the Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Head of Sixth Form, are experienced at supporting students through their studies and into life after Calderstones, whatever that may entail in terms of higher education, training and employment. 

The facilities in Calder House are used solely by Year 12 and 13 students and have been designed to promote independent learning and higher level thinking skills.

These facilities include:

  • A permanently staffed library for silent, independent study
  • A Resource Centre to promote group learning and research in a more informal setting
  • Dedicated teaching rooms for a number of subjects
  • ICT suite dedicated for Sixth Form lessons
  • Award winning careers provision to help you on your next step after Calderstones
  • A dedicated team of tutors to support you throughout your time in the Sixth Form

We pride ourselves in giving bespoke advice to fully support all students, whether you are going to university, following an apprenticeship or completing work based learning. By fully committing yourself to your studies, anything is possible!

Our Sixth Form also recognises the importance of enrichment activities and constantly promotes opportunities for you to enhance your life skills. Our aim is to provide you with a personalised learning opportunity and to fully prepare you for the next stage of your life.

Take some time looking through the website to see what we offer. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Richards by telephoning the school on 0151 724 2087 or by emailing him at admin@calderstones.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing you in the very near future.

Mr P Richards
Head of 6th form