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Post-16 Careers Opportunities

Modern day students have to carefully consider their future choices whilst studying for A-Level.

Traditionally, the natural progression for the majority of students would have been to apply to university. But, as the cost of going to university is £9000+ a year, many students have start to consider the alternatives.

Apprenticeships have become an extremely viable alternative Post-18 and many large organisations, such as Barclays and Price Waterhouse, have embraced the initiative and are actively seeking hardworking, conscientious and focussed students.

To help promote apprenticeships, your Form Tutors will discuss your future choices and help you decide which pathway would be the best for you. As well as talking to your tutor, you can speak to Mr Richards or Chris Murphy and follow our twitter feed @caldiescareers. You can also look at the Careers board in the Sixth Form Resource Centre.

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