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Pastoral Information

We believe that Calderstones School provides excellent pastoral care for all of its students.

We aim for all pupils to:

  • enjoy and achieve whilst at school
  • have positive and safe life experiences
  • make a successful transition into adulthood
  • have the opportunity to fulfil their potential

Pastoral Team (as of September 2023)

  • Mrs L Handley, Deputy Head Teacher: Behaviour, Attitudes & Personal Development
  • Ms L Edwards, Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour
  • Mrs K Sheard, Assistant Headteacher (seconded)
  • Each year group has a Head of Year and an Assistant Head of Year.
  • 3 Learning Support Mentors

Wellbeing Tutors

Each pupil has a wellbeing tutor who will stay with them throughout Years 7-11. 6th form students have a specialist 6th form tutor bespoke to their academic needs. All tutors act as the primary pastoral carers for our students as they meet with their students on a daily basis.

Ofsted Quotes (November 2016)

‘The personal development and welfare of pupils is good and they receive good-quality careers guidance and advice’.

‘Pupils are safe and enjoy positive relationships with staff’

‘Pastoral systems are effectively led and managed within the school. Pastoral leaders know their pupils well. They have effectively tackled the poor attendance of individuals and groups of pupils who have historically failed to attend school as regularly as they should.’

‘The school uses a number of strategies to communicate with parents, including the use of an online electronic system that provides parents with regular updates on their child’s attendance and progress. Most parents are supportive of the school’s work, although a few indicated some dissatisfaction during the inspection, particularly regarding how the school deals with bullying. Inspectors found that bullying is generally managed well, however, with very few repeated incidents.’

‘Leaders promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils well. Pupils benefit from a range of activities such as the ‘cultural festival’ and the provision of clubs such as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group. Consequently, pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.’


Year 7: Mr K Leadbetter / Miss L Henger (Upstairs Arts Wing

Year 8: Mr C Spruce / Miss C Rowlands (Tech/Quarry Wing)

Year 9: Mr E Jenkins / Miss A Williams (Downstairs Arts)

Year 10: Mr S Fitzgerald / Miss G Blower (Morrison Wing)

Year 11: Mr R Davies / Mrs H Gharooni (Science Wing)

Year 12/13: Mr P Richards/Mr M Jenkins (Based in Calder House)