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A-Level Results Day - August 2022

Congratulations to all of the Calderstones students collecting their A-level results today. This is, of course, the cohort of students that were unable to sit GCSE results and so this was their first taste of a real exam process. We know that Ofqual had suggested that this year’s overall results would fall somewhere between the Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) of 2021 and the last set of actual exam results in 2019.

However, our 2022 results are not only an improvement on any other set of actual Calderstones A-level results, in 2019 or in any year prior to that, but they are also stronger than the 2020 TAGs and on a par with the 2021 TAGs.

Over half of the grades awarded were Bs or better. This is an enormous achievement for these students and one that they should be exceptionally proud of and which are very well-deserved given the adversity faced over the past few years. Well done to all of the students who have achieved so well and are now going on to their next steps, whatever these might be.