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Video Learning - Modern Foreign Languages (Year 10)

NEWLY ADDED VIDEOS FOR THIS WEEKYou can contact your teacher via the addresses below:

10C Spanish – kylef@caldies.co.uk
10D Spanish – furlongp@caldies.co.uk
10E Spanish – sancheze@caldies.co.uk
10F Spanish – gidmanj@caldies.co.uk

10D1 French – kylef@caldies.co.uk
10D2 French – sheardk@caldies.co.uk

Choose your lesson from the topics below:

Passé Composé with avoir (French)

Video 1

Imperfect Tense Revision (French)

Video 1

Near Future Tense (French)

Video 1

Simple Future Tense (French)

Video 1

Ser and Estar (Spanish)

Video 1

Imperfect Tense Revision (Spanish)

Video 1

Near future tense (Spanish)

Video 1

Simple future revision (Spanish)

Video 1