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Video Learning - Geography (Year 9)


If you are unsure who to send your work to or you need to contact your teacher, please use this list below:

9A1X: Mr Ellis, ellism@caldies.co.uk 
9A1Y: Mr O’Brien, obrient@caldies.co.uk 
9A2X: Mr Burke, burkel@caldies.co.uk 
9A2Y: Mr Steel, steelj@caldies.co.uk 
9A3: Mrs Levy, levys@caldies.co.uk 
9A4: Mr Burke, burkel@caldies.co.uk 
9B1X: Miss Rowlands, rowlandsc@caldies.co.uk 
9B1Y: Mr Steel, steelj@caldies.co.uk 
9B2X: Mr Richards, richardsp@caldies.co.uk 
9B2Y: Mr Steel, steelj@caldies.co.uk & Mr Richards, richardsp@caldies.co.uk 
9B3: Mr Burke, burkel@caldies.co.uk 

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TNCs criticised/Nike

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Globalisation and Development

What is Development?


Measuring Development


The Development Gap


Reducing the Development Gap


Malaria and its impact on Development


Globalisation and Development Revision

Where do the poorest people live? 

Video 1

Link to worksheet 1 for video 1

Link to worksheet 2 for video 1