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Video Learning - Geography (Year 8)


If you are unsure who to send your work to or you need to contact your teacher, please use this list below:

8A1X: Mr Steel, steelj@caldies.co.uk 
8A1Y: Mr O’Brien, obrient@caldies.co.uk 
8A2X: Miss Rowlands, rowlandsc@caldies.co.uk 
8A2Y: Mr Burke, burkel@caldies.co.uk 
8A3: Miss Rowlands, rowlandsc@caldies.co.uk & Mrs Levy, levys@caldies.co.uk  
8A4: Mr Burke, burkel@caldies.co.uk 
8B1X: Mr Burke, burkel@caldies.co.uk 
8B1Y: Mr Steel, steelj@caldies.co.uk 
8B2X: Miss Rowlands, rowlandsc@caldies.co.uk 
8B2Y: Mr Burke, burkel@caldies.co.uk & Mr Ellis, ellism@caldies.co.uk
8B3: Mr Steel, steelj@caldies.co.uk 

Choose the appropriate topic below:

Impact of Storm Ciara

Link to Video Lesson

Rivers (revision lesson)

Link to Video Lesson

Weather and Climate

Video 1


Video 2 - Measuring the Weather


Video 3 - Impact of Rainfall


Video 4 - What is a Heatwave?


Video 5 - Global Climates


Video 6 - Britain's Climate

Measuring the weather

Video 1