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Aims and objectives

To fully equip our students with the essential soft skills needed in the challenging and changeable world of work. 

Over the course of the five years, students will: 

  • have essential ‘soft skills’ that will be valuable in the working world as well in their personal lives.
  • be more resilient to challenge
  • be more adaptable to change
  • be more able to communicate effectively
  • have confidence in themselves
  • have a vision/goal they are working towards
  • know how to self-regulate and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses
  • have more of a growth mind-set and positive attitude

How is it delivered?

  • Each year group completes one online course per term as part of their careers-focused homework.
  • During our designated ‘careers’ form time once a week, tutors deliver the course content via ‘mini lessons’. This is done through class discussions/activities on the relevant topic rather than paper-based in order to further develop their soft skills.
  • Once the course content has been covered in form time, staff then show students the online videos which summarise the course content and complete a quiz.
  • An online questionnaire (prepared in school) is then sent out to all students to find out what they have learnt and to allow them self-assess their own soft skills.
  • We then use the data collected to analyse the areas in which students feel less confident and tailor our in house careers provision to develop students in those areas.
  • At the end of each term/course, students receive an electronic PDF CPD certificate to keep as part of their professional portfolio throughout school.
  • All students have their own login and at home students can browse apprenticeship offers in the local area, use the ‘Careerometer’ to find out up to date labour market information on specific careers and industries and complete additional skills quizzes on the site.

BeReady Scheme of Work

Below is a summary of the BeReady Scheme of Work as delivered at Calderstones School.