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Mr Derbyshire

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What is this course about?

Students will study some of the most engaging and world altering moments in History such as the development of communism in Russia, the fall of the German Empire and the rise of West Germany following the Second World War; the development of fascism in Italy under the dictator Mussolini and the development of public health in Britain.

Some of the topics you may be vaguely familiar with but the vast majority of the subjects we now study will be completely new to you and have helped shaped the country and world we live in today. 

The study of History will provide you with excellent knowledge requisition skills; source analysis skills; the ability to develop reasoned arguments and extended essay writing skills.

Course Content

Year 1

Year 2

Paper 1 60% of AS course (30% of A-level)

Germany and West Germany, 1918–89

This module focuses on the decline of Wilhemian Germany, the rise and fall of Weimar Germany; Hitler & the Nazis and the rebirth of West Germany following the Second World War. This is an examined module.

Paper 2 40% of AS course (20% of A-level)

The rise and fall of fascism in Italy, c.1911–46 

This module looks in depth at the rise of Mussolini and his fascist principles in Italy and his subsequent decline following the Second World War. This is an examined module.

Paper 3 (30% of A-level)

Britain: Gaining and Losing an Empire 1763-1914

This unit has a breadth and depth focus. It will focus on the reasons behind the construction of the British Empire and the role played by the Royal Navy. It will look at the political, social and economic impact of the Empire and how Britain went from an imperial catastrophe to building the largest Empire the world has ever known.

 Historical Enquiry 20% of A-level 
Russia 1894-24

 This is the coursework module which will focus on the problems which beset the reign of the final tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, his ultimate downfall and the rise of communism and the Bolshevik dictatorship which took hold in 1917.

This is a written piece of coursework which should be between 3,000-4,000 words in length

What might this course lead on to?

The opportunities available for those who study History are plentiful wide and diverse. Many students who have studied History progress into careers in law, teaching, research and academic fields, the police, legal professions and banking. The wide variety of skills acquired through the study of History give students a broad spectrum of attributes applicable to many careers.

Entry Requirements:

You must achieve a grade 5 in History.